The Society of the Sacred Heart, United States – Canada Province Leadership Team stands in support of the following powerful “Red Record Statement” issued by the National Black Sisters’ Conference on “21st Century Lynchings in America.”


This week, the liturgical calendar ushers us into "ordinary time." There is nothing about this time that is ordinary. As we gather at the well with the Samaritan woman, we are confronted with the reality that Jesus knew and would experience with his own body: exclusion, injustice, judgement, racism, supremacy, torture and execution. It seems inconceivable to hold the realities of our own complicity with the surrounding presence of God's abiding love. And yet, such is the mystery of the resurrection.

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You do not know what prayers can do, making impossible things possible. God will help you, and, if you keep hold of the deepest things you know and keep hold of God Himself, you may go through very hard days but you can never go under.

Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ

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