Birth: Apr. 23, 1933               Profession: Feb. 9, 1959 Death: Nov. 15, 2008


<p>I met sister esperansa jasso in mecca ca as a young boy i am now 25 years old she was a grate person that did so much for everyone around her i will never forget the long talks i had with her she was a wise person that i will always look up to im sorry to say that i did not get to say good bye to her the last time i was her she was sick and i went to the store to get her milk and food bacause she could not leave her home i would like to know how she died and where she is now so i can go pay my respects to her i hope this gets to some one that can help me</p> <p>eduardo perez</p> <p>e-mail# <a href=""></a></p>