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First Friday reflection for June 2019

  • First Friday reflection for June 2019

This sculpture of Christ and “every person” needs no words. It embodies all of the messages of great love and promise conveyed during Jesus’ ministry.

The Scripture reading for today focuses on Peter’s profession of love, a love like ours that falters at times, but a love that Jesus knows is wholly given. Jesus accepts Peter’s declaration of love and, from that place of love, He asks Peter to “feed my sheep.” Soon the Advocate will come to Peter and, on that day, he will understand. We, too, have been given the gift of the Spirit that we may be open to God’s life in us and feed and tend those in need.

We return again to the sculpture to gaze on the way the artist communicates all that Christ is as he bends down to the “other,” face touching face. The image reveals a depth of unimaginable love, arms outstretched across both bodies while the “other” raises her/his hands, palms up, into Christ’s body as a gesture of both seeking and receiving. There is such intimacy, union and relationship communicated in this gift of presence and pure love.

I also am captivated by the space created by the coming together of the two bodies. It is in this sacred space, cradled in love, that we are called to deep listening, and invited to new life and to believe that the Spirit working in all of us will lead us where we need to go.

Reflection: Peggy Gorman, Associate, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Image: sculpture by Swiss Dominican Sister Caritas Muller de Cazis