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Response to the Recent U.S. Presidential Election

The recent presidential election, and all the activities that surrounded it both before and after, cause us pain and concern for our country and its people.

The Sacred Heart Family is committed to reveal and make known the Love of God.  This commitment calls us to have a deep focus and interest in assisting marginalized people in society.  When we see hate crimes, disenfranchised populations, great division among people, and deep vulnerability we are compelled to action.

We encourage each of you to look to our deepest values as expressed in the Gospel, the social justice teachings of the Catholic Church and the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Education and find ways to live our mission faithfully in these times.  

  • Take the time to center ourselves in silence, listening for the voice of the Spirit.
  • Be attentive to the quality of our own discourse. Listen deeply.  Ask questions with a sincere desire to understand the reality of those who share a different world view.
  • Be courageous in expressing our own truth, knowing it is only part of the whole but that without it, the necessary vision for the future is incomplete.
  • Live in a way that builds bridges across divides of race, gender, class and nationality.

In light of our commitment to justice and the calls of our recent General Chapter, we encourage each person in our community to stand on the side of those who are marginalized and to strengthen our work and commitment to a more just society.

Please join us as we seek the truth, pray for peace and take action for justice.