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Cor Unum Scholarship

In September 2018, the Society of the Sacred Heart announced the creation of the Cor Unum Scholarship to provide tuition assistance to African American students desiring a Sacred Heart education at Schools of the Sacred Heart – Grand Coteau in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, and to provide professional development for faculty and staff and/or course curriculum to students on inclusion and diversity.

This scholarship came to be as the Society works to reconcile their participation in the historic sin of slavery during the 1800s. In recognizing their sin, the Society established this scholarship to serve as an ongoing commitment to African American families and students in the Grand Coteau area where it is known black people were enslaved by the Society.

In partnership with Schools of the Sacred Heart – Grand Coteau, the Society will help cover 100 percent of tuition costs for a student, each year. The school has chosen to match the scholarship funds with financial assistance in order to allow the scholarship funds to be offered to as many students as possible.

The first Cor Unum Scholarship has been awarded to a seventh grader at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. The scholarship will remain in effect for her through grade 12 so long as she meets the scholarship criteria.