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Our Priorities

At the General Chapter of the Society of the Sacred Heart, in 2008, the Religious of the Sacred Heart gathered asked a fundamental question, “where and when do we live our spirituality in daily life and in our many and varied contexts?” The key to their response came from the General Chapter in 2000: “We are convinced as a Chapter that our lives, given in love, are the strongest expression of our spirituality.” How do we as Religious of the Sacred Heart want to give our lives in a way that continues to respond to the one who has first loved us?

Five areas of concern emerged with remarkable consensus:

These have become the international Society’s priorities for mission and ministry. From the contemplation of the open heart of Jesus we draw the power that inspires us to live in communion with all people, to bring others to participate in this communion, and to commit ourselves with our whole being, in the Church and with many others, to work to bring about a world that is more just and more united.

This is the invitation and the challenge that we wish to communicate to all with whom we share friendship, work, or community in the spirit of the extended family of the Sacred Heart, so that, little by little, we give life to the desire of Jesus “that all may be one.” (Jn 17:11)