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Poetry by RSCJ

We are delighted to share some poems from Religious of the Sacred Heart.


The tree lifts
branches to
The One
Beyond all noise of naming.
Snow drifts down silence,
Melts into earth,
Clouds wrap hushed grey cloaks
Around our clamor;
Stilling even loud ambassadors
Of death.

Silence has the last word—
No word at all, but hum:
spiral galaxies,
Beloved child of earth
I AM for you.
Come   Home.      

Rose Marie Quilter rscj    March 2013

The Sailor's Prayer

Ah, wondrous state!
Ah, blessed fate!
To cease all measurement of time,
To call a halt to what might be,
To rest in the eternal NOW
Of God's as yet unchartered Sea.

Eleanor Carr, rscj


I sing in Gratefulness
I sing in Great-Fullness
The stars are stars,
Water is water
And cannot itself be a star

I sing in great-fullness
Of the blessings of God
Earth and air and fire,
This planet bluegreen
New to the ways of human life

I sing in great-fullness
That I am here
To be part of it all -
To know the sound of falling rain
To hear the silence of snow

Sandra Schadewald, RSCJ

Photo by Larry1732 on Flickr