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For Your Prayers


Please pray for the many intentions of Jean-Francois.

Please pray for me and my family

I am in desperate need of the right job. I would like to stay close where I don't have to move my family. I also need to make enough so I can pay back loans that I have to get my degrees. My family is in dire straits. Please pray for Me (Terry,) Kim, and Dyer.


I have cancer and tumors in my brain that doctors won't touch and can't do surgery on. My mom is also sick, but she is doing what she can and take care of me. Please pray for us.

Life prayer

I pray for more time to spend with my family. That the time spent will be joy filled and will strengthen our lives together.


Please pray for a quick resolution to my health issues.

Need a job

My name is Jesu and I'm from India. I need a job. Please pray for me.

Healing and Restoration

Please pray for Harlan that YAHWEH heals his brain and his heart completely, and immediately Amen.