What is my highest goal?

It is not unusual for a young person to want to do something significant with his or her life. You re infinitely more than what you do, more than what your family or employer wants from you at the moment. Your desire to do something significant for God and a desire to truly make a difference in our world will come from consciously connecting to your own deepest values and keeping an open mind and heart.

Are you asking?

  • Is this a good fit for me?
  • Are my priorities aligned with the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart?
  • What is the discernment process?
  • What are the stages of Sacred Heart formation?
  • Are you longing for greater joy and meaning?

If you are interested in becoming a Religious of the Sacred Heart and interested in discovering your deepest desires you should find these pages helpful. Look around, explore new options and have fun.

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